… and blow the drum!

As someone serious about publishing, I regularly read the trade press. When I heard The Bookseller was beginning a feature on the best indie author books, I felt the same kind of desperate passion I used to have for Stewart Copeland of The Police.
If only you’d choose me! I thought.

What better indication that independent authorship is being taken seriously than by the industry news flagship selecting titles they believe make the grade?

reggatta de blancThe only criteria were that I had to be an indie author and have published a book via Nook (Barnes & Noble) in the last quarter. Yes, and yes. Nothing more to do there so off I went to hunt mince pies and listen to Reggatta de Blanc.

On Friday morning, I spotted a Tweet from Mr Finger-on-the-Pulse Porter Anderson.
.@JJMarsh1’s “Cold Pressed” is one of @CaroSanderson’s ‪#‎Indie‬ ‪#‎Author‬ Preview Editor’s Choices. ‪#‎FutureChat‬ 4pGMT http://ow.ly/FpzdO


What? What! What the…*!#!?

Cold Pressed Cover MEDIUM WEBSure enough, when the issue went live, not only was Cold Pressed included in the 18 best indie books, but it was also one of three Editor’s Choices.

Here! Look!

This is what Caroline Sanderson had to say:

I’m confident that the titles selected here represent some of the best of those available. They are well edited, professionally presented and written with a flair equal to anything you might find on the list of a traditional publishing house.


So excuse me.

TOOT! Tootery-tootles and a banger-bang-bang-boom!

PS: Stewart – bet you’re sorry now, huh?