theo fennellDecember 6 2007.

A hotel room in London.

An old friend and I sat chatting about life, work, family, friends and writing. We agreed the old adage is true – a friend in need is a friend in deed – but a true friend will still be there applauding from the sidelines when that same person achieves extraordinary success. No envy or green-eyed venom, just genuine joy for well-deserved recognition.

The world of writers is small and in my experience, warmly supportive. Other authors have taught me a great deal and many have become close friends. This is a community in which I feel at home. Not all my colleagues write the kind of books I want to read, and not all of them read what I want to write, but I respect and admire their talents.

Today, I was shocked and alarmed to read of truly vicious attacks on authors by fellow writers/publishers who should be above such behaviour. Sock-puppetry, fake reviews, sham websites, trolling and online abuse to a degree which requires official investigation – how do they carve out enough time in their days of spite to actually write?

I’m not going to link to these nasty stories, as I don’t want to promote them or their unpleasantness. Instead, I want to draw your attention to this:



This is the Ethical Author Code, from The Alliance of Independent Authors

I’m an Ethical Author and I’d like you to be one too. It costs you nothing but bolsters the message that the majority of us are decent people. We support each other, rejoice in everyone’s successes and admire creativity with words. Sign up, whether you’re a member or not.

Sooner or later, the good will outweigh the bad.