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Last weekend, I tried three things I’d never done before.

I did not regret any of them. (More of that later.)

Your challenge this weekend , should you wish to accept it, is to try something new.

It’s a risky business, choosing what to read.

So what if I were to tell you we’ve hand-picked a dozen books we think you’ll like. And to prove our confidence, you can have them for free.

All of them or pick the ones you fancy. There’s something for everyone.



Adventure, historical fiction, short stories, drama, laughter, romance, mystery, heart-racers and heart-melters.

Strong women, passionate women, courageous women, clever women, mysterious women and smart women.
Best of all, you don’t actually have to be a woman to enjoy this opportunity.

Free Reads for Smart Women

Find out more about each exceptional book in this two-minute video:


As for my adventures?


I had a go at parkour (good fun but bruising), took an exam in Italian (passed by the seat of my pantaloni) and ate a persimmon (previously put off by the name Kaki fruit).

 This weekend, I shall be reading, eating Mexican food and deciding on a title for Book 6.
Have a great weekend!


My fabulous colleagues at Triskele make me sound rather nice.

Thanks, gang!


This is the third in our series – what each brings to Triskele Books.


I went to the European Premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

Oh yes I did.


We had an absolute ball.

Meeting old friends, spending quality time together, getting excited, sharing jewellery, handbags, fashion advice and make-up tips. Not to mention the cocktails.


The film itself lived up to every expectation. In Odeon Leicester Square, the sound quality is so intense, your seats actually vibrate. The creatures, the acting, the story, the setting and most powerfully, the themes, held us all (regardless of age) rapt in our seats. You can read a more detailed review here.


A few things I learned about premieres:

  • The carpet’s not always red.
  • You cannot walk on cobbles in heels.
  • Dress so you feel fabulous AND comfortable.
  • When Non-Famous You gets out of the car, you can hear the fans groan.
  • Only professionals manage to keep red lipstick off their teeth.
  • Security geezers are truly amazing.
  • Warner Bros throw fine parties – Kowalski’s Bakery won.
  • Meeting the actors when prepared is incredible. When unprepared, you dribble.
  • It takes at least 24 hours and several conversations before you appreciate the film.
  • It takes at least 24 hours and several conversations before you remember the party.


An extraordinary Tuesday night.

A brilliant film I’ll watch again and again.

The first of five? Bring ’em on.




I know. Two weeks I said.

Well, I’m back now, so let’s catch up.

Holidays, books, adventures, experiences, interviews, reviews and wild howling savages.

Here are a few snapshots:




Chapter One – The Med

Summer is for holidays.

Snorkelling, swimming, diving, dolphins and learning to hold onto a donut.

Turns out I’m a natural, especially at the squealing bit.

Plus memories, tears and a silver celebration.



Two excited people and wine


Chapter Two – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Summer is for special occasions.

Opening night, red carpet and one of the best theatrical events I’ve known.

Grab a ticket and watch it all in one day. (Or you won’t be able to sleep.)

Not to mention a great party where I met three of my heroes.

Read my review here.



Chapter Three – Writing and Learning


Image by Julie Lewis

Summer is also for writing.

After ditching 20k of Beatrice 6 after Brexit, I have rewritten Lone Wolf and we’re back on track.

But I am also taking time to improve my skills. Every single exercise of our Creative Spark programme has provoked ideas.

Ten writers with ten different perspectives over ten weeks – all of it for free. Have you dived in?


Chapter Four

triskele books 28.11.12

Summer is for making plans.

Of the inclusive sort.

On Sat 17 September, Triskele LitFest hits Islington for an inclusive festival of books, authors and genre discussion.

We’re the hosts and we’d love to say hello in person.


Chapter Five

Summer is for making plans #2



You might want to earmark Saturday 5 November. Tickets on sale now!










So things are happening…

Triskele Lit Fest: Sept 17, London

Pop-up bookshop, genre panels, Preserving the Unicorn, Human Library, goodie bags and non-stop booktalk.

This is not ‘talking about diversity’. This is being diverse.

Authors are invited to talk about their work – regardless of publishing route or ethnicity – readers are invited to add their opinions. This is for writers and readers, publishers and booksellers.

Rumour is, there’ll be a party too.


Creative Spark

Photo0030Sharpen your pencils, writerly sorts.

We have TEN weeks of creative writing exercises from expert tutors at your disposal.

Free. Yes, seriously free. No sign-up, no cash, no email address, this is open access.

And it is an imagination workout from some of the best international tutors there are. Drum roll…

Emma Darwin, Tracey Warr, Roz Morris, Jo Furniss, Amanda Hodgkinson, Lindsey Grant, Jessica Bell, Karen Pegg, Laurence O’Bryan and Triskele Books on all aspects of writing technique.

Starts July 1st and subsequent Fridays.

Join in, comment, share your results (if you like) and flex those writerly muscles.


The Woolf


Zürich’s cultural quarterly changes with the seasons.

Our next issue is themed Beginnings.

Have a look at our last issue – Borders.

And if you’d like to contribute something thinky and artistic, bring it on.



Can’t sign off this week’s blog without a comment. (It’s my blogpost and I’ll rant if I want to.)

All the above and more – Triskele Books, TLF, Creative Spark, The Woolf, WriteCon, Words with JAM and Bookmuse  – are the result of creative collaboration.

Collaboration is bloody hard work, often boring and frustrating, with as much energy devoted to peace-keeping as to creativity.

Sure, each of us could vote out and go it alone.

We could drop the whole thing and pursue our own egotistical agendas. Wear fake tan, go blond and thump our individual tubs.

But we don’t. We argue and discuss and get pissed/pissed off and laugh and agree and remind each of why we wanted to do this.

Every single project needs the hard slog of negotiation and commitment to the end result.

It works. It really does.

Generosity and openness, concessions and compromise lead to fabulous things, which sometimes involve Prosecco.

Teamwork, togetherness and the daily niggles of trying to do stuff with other people is damn good shit, even if it doesn’t always feel that way.

The EU is hard work. But that is what democracy means. It cannot be summed up in a slogan, an image or a chant.

But I will quote my university professor: Go the bloody hard way. Don’t give up.

For me, that means Remain.





… lend me your diaries. Because there are things and they are happening.

To whit, a competition, free creative writing course and literary festival. Oh yes.

30 June

Closing date for the Big 5 Competition! For any author with an unpublished manuscript to win a year’s mentoring by the Triskele Books team, with additional print and marketing prizes. Worth £5000, the winning entry will be chosen by judge Sheila Bugler. Quick now, you’ve got just over three weeks.

new comp ad

1 July

Creative Spark kicks off! A FREE creative writing course over the summer months. We’ve teamed up with some of the best in the business, featuring such tutors as Emma Darwin, Roz Morris, Jessica Bell, Tracey Warr, Laurence O’Bryan and Lindsey Grant, we’ll When we say free, we mean it. No sign-up, no fee, no commitment. Just drop by the blog and try out the exercises. Supported by Ingram Spark.

heads soft

17 September

Sssh. Save the date. On Saturday 17 September, we’re holding our annual literary event. This time, we’re focusing on the reader. With experts from all areas of publishing, genre discussion and debate, a farmers’ market for books, a Human Library, prizes and goodie bags! We’ll be in Islington, London and rumour has it there’ll be a litfest after party.

IAF buzz


In other news, we’re having our regular #twitchat on Tuesday 7 June. Our Twitter theme this week is #bestvillains. Join us at 19.30GMT and find the conversation by searching #triskeletuesday.




A writing retreat – leave the daily grind behind, spend your days learning and discussing with fellow writers, soak up the scenery and let your imagination out to play.

Here’s a collection of some superb writing events happening in beautiful locations. All offer expert writing tuition, an opportunity to cast off responsibility and a guaranteed creative shot in the arm.


A Chapter Away (Gascony, France) Courses available June and July

Do you wish you could escape from your everyday life to write?
A Chapter Away is a great place to start, or to continue, your incredible journey as a writer. Whether your ambition is to leave a private MEMOIR for your family, to bring together an anthology of POETRY for a loved one, or to publish a NOVEL for millions of readers the world over to discover, our courses offer you ‘time out’ and the expertise to set you on the right path, with the help of other writers, poets, publishers and literary agents.


Photo by JJ Marsh

WriteCon16 (Zürich, Switzerland) – 21 May

WriteCon16 is all about making it happen. Hands-on and practical. Whichever event you choose, you’ll walk away with concrete, tailored advice from the experts. Right in the heart of the city so while your head is buzzing with ideas, you can explore the sights or simply sit by the lake and stare at the mountains.

  • How to Publish a Book, with Jessica Bell
  • How to Market a Book, with Helen Lewis
Photo by Libby O'Loghlin

Photo by Libby O’Loghlin

TLC Adventures (Andalucia, Spain) 10-16 September

TLC Literary Adventures offers an environment where inspiration and improvisation meet, in the company of some of our best-known writers. You will have access to world-class teaching, get a chance to work, read, listen, learn and relax in a stunning setting which will open the mind and senses.

Ty Newydd (Wales, UK) Courses available year round

 Specialises in residential creative writing courses. Every week a new group of individuals spend time together under the tutelage of professional writers, taking part in workshops and one-to-one tutorials, enjoying readings and basking in the inspirational setting of Tŷ Newydd. Participants also help in the kitchen, where home-made meals are prepared with local ingredients.

summer retreats ty newydd richard outram

Photo by Richard Outram

L’Atelier Writers (Villeferry, France). 5-10 June

A fantastic experience of sublime French food, camaraderie, craft, and inspirational productivity. The space provides privacy for writing and also comfortable common areas with verandas, gardens, libraries, and a reserved meeting space for L’ATELIER workshops, meals, editing consultations, and seminars. Full room and board is included, but access to a kitchenette allows guests even more flexibility.

Venice Writing Retreat (Venice, Italy) 12-15 September

With Roz Morris and Words of a Feather, this course is for committed writers who want to hone their self-editing skills, breathe life into an abandoned manuscript, assess a first draft, give a book a professional MOT before approaching agents/self-publishing and enjoy the delights of Venice.

Photo by think rorbot

Photo by think rorbot

La Poterie Writers (Loire Valley, France) 23-30 June

The best of “retreat”& “workshop”: rigorous group discussion of your manuscript, sessions on writing craft & publishing, ample daily solitude, one-on-one conferences, local excursions, and gourmet meals — all in an inspiring setting.

Skyros Writing Holidays (Skyros, Greece) Courses available all summer

If you’re a creative and active person, in Skyros you’ll have the opportunity to explore your talents, learn something new, expand the range of your interests and bask in the joys and pleasures of it. Holiday activities and courses are always pleasant and enjoyable, fun to attend. If you prefer, of course, you can just relax, unwind, share a drink with like-minded people and enjoy nature at its best.

The Skyros holiday resorts are community-based. The community – informal, friendly and relaxed – thrives on diversity but it also brings people together in a way daily life rarely does. Enjoy the freedom to be who you really are.


Photo by JJ Marsh

Writing at the Castle (SW France) 2-8 July

Principally for writers of fiction who have a manuscript in preparation or completed and would like to benefit from workshops and one-to-one support towards publication.  It is an opportunity to connect with other writers, get practical insights, tips and contacts and learn new skills. We will also cover the process of selecting, commissioning and publishing manuscripts through the traditional literary agent/publisher route and through self-publishing.

Write Time Retreats (Switzerland) 21-27 May

  • 6 nights’ accommodation in the Hornberg Hotel
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner (including vegetarian options, drinks not included)
  • Full use of the hotel facilities, including seminar rooms, swimming pool and saunas
  • 5 Creative writing workshops (including a workshop with guest writer)
  • 5 Editorial meetings
  • 5 Literary Salons
  • 45 minute, one-to-one, personalized consultation with tutor
swiss view

Photo by JD Lewis

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