Good news for writers!

Creative Spark is back.

Starting Friday, Triskele Books is offering ten weeks of free writing exercises for you to flex your creative musculature.

For a little refresher, take a peek at last year’s content.

It’s all on the Triskele Books blog but I recommend starting with Week 1 – Emma Darwin and Story Fundamentals.

Terrific advice from the professionals.

Honest to goodness FREE – we don’t even ask you to sign up.

Now that is what you call generosity.


Good news for readers!

Behind Closed Doors, the first in the Beatrice Stubbs series, is currently £0.99.

One week only, folks! Signed paperback for anyone who gets the tie reference on the cover.

Or you could just avoid that horrible terror of running-out-of-things-to-read-on-holiday/vacation/Ferien/vacaciones/gwyliau/vacances and grab yourself the boxset.

That way you get Switzerland, Wales, London AND Spain all in one go.

Adventures all over Europe from the comfort of your own hammock.


Good news for Bookclubs!

Jane Davis, an exceptional author in her own right (I just managed to resist that pun – hello, Maturity) talks to authors about why their books would make great bookclub reads.

Jane’s works are classic examples of the enjoyable and discussable. Recently, she asked me why Bad Apples would work.

Read the post here but you may want to pour yourself a glass of red first.

(In the picture, that is water. Not gin.)

Incidentally, I visit bookclubs often and can also do a Q&A via Skype.


Good news for Cultural Connoisseurs

Follow your nose and root around on The Woolf.

I co-edit this Swiss-lit magazine which features artists, writers, tattooists, composers, performers, jewellers and all manner of creative adventurers.

Plus a Gallery like none other.

Plus original poetry, prose and performance.

Go exploring. I guarantee gems.


Till next post, in which I shall tackle a thorny issue – author ethics.





I know. Two weeks I said.

Well, I’m back now, so let’s catch up.

Holidays, books, adventures, experiences, interviews, reviews and wild howling savages.

Here are a few snapshots:




Chapter One – The Med

Summer is for holidays.

Snorkelling, swimming, diving, dolphins and learning to hold onto a donut.

Turns out I’m a natural, especially at the squealing bit.

Plus memories, tears and a silver celebration.



Two excited people and wine


Chapter Two – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Summer is for special occasions.

Opening night, red carpet and one of the best theatrical events I’ve known.

Grab a ticket and watch it all in one day. (Or you won’t be able to sleep.)

Not to mention a great party where I met three of my heroes.

Read my review here.



Chapter Three – Writing and Learning


Image by Julie Lewis

Summer is also for writing.

After ditching 20k of Beatrice 6 after Brexit, I have rewritten Lone Wolf and we’re back on track.

But I am also taking time to improve my skills. Every single exercise of our Creative Spark programme has provoked ideas.

Ten writers with ten different perspectives over ten weeks – all of it for free. Have you dived in?


Chapter Four

triskele books 28.11.12

Summer is for making plans.

Of the inclusive sort.

On Sat 17 September, Triskele LitFest hits Islington for an inclusive festival of books, authors and genre discussion.

We’re the hosts and we’d love to say hello in person.


Chapter Five

Summer is for making plans #2



You might want to earmark Saturday 5 November. Tickets on sale now!










… lend me your diaries. Because there are things and they are happening.

To whit, a competition, free creative writing course and literary festival. Oh yes.

30 June

Closing date for the Big 5 Competition! For any author with an unpublished manuscript to win a year’s mentoring by the Triskele Books team, with additional print and marketing prizes. Worth £5000, the winning entry will be chosen by judge Sheila Bugler. Quick now, you’ve got just over three weeks.

new comp ad

1 July

Creative Spark kicks off! A FREE creative writing course over the summer months. We’ve teamed up with some of the best in the business, featuring such tutors as Emma Darwin, Roz Morris, Jessica Bell, Tracey Warr, Laurence O’Bryan and Lindsey Grant, we’ll When we say free, we mean it. No sign-up, no fee, no commitment. Just drop by the blog and try out the exercises. Supported by Ingram Spark.

heads soft

17 September

Sssh. Save the date. On Saturday 17 September, we’re holding our annual literary event. This time, we’re focusing on the reader. With experts from all areas of publishing, genre discussion and debate, a farmers’ market for books, a Human Library, prizes and goodie bags! We’ll be in Islington, London and rumour has it there’ll be a litfest after party.

IAF buzz


In other news, we’re having our regular #twitchat on Tuesday 7 June. Our Twitter theme this week is #bestvillains. Join us at 19.30GMT and find the conversation by searching #triskeletuesday.