After a crazy couple of weeks – attendance at FutureBook in London, release of two magazines, the Triskele launch party, a trip to Spain and to crown it all, big fat birthday celebrations – I’m back at my desk.

And I have a bunch of delicious treats to share with you.

Firstly, Author Day. I reported on events at 30 Euston Square for The Woolf Quarterly, which this winter takes the theme of Money. As publishers, authors, service providers and industry experts discussed the role of the author, I kept my focus trained on the cash. Here’s my full report, plus many more fascinating articles on the subject of dosh.


For Words with JAM literary ezine, the theme was Point of View. Using my theatre background as a springboard, I chose to explore five cultural reactions to a social issue: rape culture. Asking For It references play, novel, non-fiction, stand-up comedy and workshop.

asking for it jamie williams

Photo by Jamie Williams


Book publicists – what do they actually do? For the last three months, my colleagues and I at Triskele Books have been working with Literally PR, which has proved an educational and beneficial experience. Helen Lewis, director of the firm, shares her top tips for authors.

photo book

Photo by Libby O’Loghlin


literally PRThe launch party! You can read a full write-up of the event on Literally PR’s blog.


Or if you just fancy looking at a few pictures, Triskele picked some favourites to share.

triskele books 28.11.12

All the books are available in ebook or print and I’m happy to send out signed copies for £6.99/$8.99 plus postage. I’ll even chuck in a bookmark.

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