Otherwise known as Publication Day!!!!

Yes, after all these years of hard work, my book is out. MY BOOK IS OUT!!!

(Which means many more months of hard work. But never mind that now.)

Today, we celebrate!

In 2008, I read an article and an idea began to ferment. Four years later, after a boxful of research, more rewrites than I can count, thrilling collaborations with incredible talents, a scary learning curve and the unstinting support of Triskele Books, my book is finally available for real people to read.

(Wish I hadn’t typed that last bit. Got collywobbles now.)

Behind Closed Doors is available from today as an e-book in all imaginable formats.

Soon to be available everywhere as paperback and hardback, for those of us who like to read in the bath.

Beatrice Stubbs: detective inspector, bipolar sufferer, metaphor mixer and serial survivor.  Today, she takes her first step on a six-part journey across Europe. From Pembrokeshire to the Peloponnese, from the Basque Country to the Dalmatian Coast, Beatrice seeks justice, balance and the perfect partnership of cheese and wine.

Behind Closed Doors: Fat Cats are dying. Did their conscience get to them? Or did someone else? Beatrice discovers there’s more to Zurich than chocolate and charm.

There. I did it. Happy Bea-Day to me!

Now I’m going to find the perfect partnership of glass and champagne.