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About me …

Beatrice Stubbs Box Set One_KINDLE KOBOWriter, journalist, teacher, actor, director and cultural trainer, I’ve lived and worked all over Europe.

– Author of The Beatrice Stubbs Series (visit my Amazon author page)

Behind Closed Doors

Raw Material

Tread Softly

and Cold Pressed

Short-story collection Appearances Greeting a Point of View.


Twitter: @JJMarsh1



Founder member of Triskele Books



European correspondent for Words with JAMEmailHeader_NEW

Half of Nuance Words and co-editor of Zürich literary hub The Woolf  



Bookmuse BannerReviewer for Bookmuse





JJ MarshEnglish Literature and Theatre graduate of the University of Wales (BA Joint Hons),  theatre director qualified via the Central School of Speech and Drama, EFL trainer (RSA Dip.), accredited journalist and Alliance of Independent Authors Ambassador to Switzerland.

PS: I can also eat fire.

13 Responses to “About”

  1. paul neale Says:

    hooray! i shall definitely be checking in to your blog.

  2. Aidan Says:

    Hi Jill

    Thanks for the email and interview with Jo. But I find your blog more interesting. Are you still in Switzerland?

  3. jilljmarsh Says:

    Hello Paul, hi Aidan

    Yes, still happily Swiss-side. The sound of cowbells forms a soothing background accompaniment to frantic fingers on a keyboard.

    Thanks for popping in.

  4. Jim Hartzell Says:

    Hi JJ,

    You might recall me (on YWO I’m Jack Palache) – we exchanged reviews sometime back. As you know, I like your work, so I wasn’t surprised to also find your website and blog interesting and inspiring. I’ve added your site address to the ‘Recommended Sites’ link on of my own website. Check it out if you find time. Please keep in mind it’s a WIP. I’ve also signed up as a ‘follower’ of your site. All the best, Jim Hartzell

    1. jilljmarsh Says:

      Thanks Jacqui! Although your posting chesty compliments under ‘They Are Out There’ did make me choke on my espresso this morning …

      Hello Jim, I certainly remember you. Damn good writer with a sharp line in critiques. I’ll keep an eye on your site and wish you every success! Thanks for saying hello.

  5. Guy Says:

    You blogrolled me. Very nice. If I ever make a blogroll, YOU WILL BE ON IT.

  6. paulgn Says:

    An ambassador to Switzerland eh?

  7. […] compilation called OUTSIDE THE BOX: Women Writing Women. Some literati types like Dan Holloway and JJ Marsh love it already, but what do they know? I think it’s only fair to slap on a great big warning and […]

  8. You cannot eat fire. No way. But if you can, could you do it during the next Zürich event? : D
    By the way, I went to the page, but the next event will be in October, is that right? Are there any meet ups before that? ^_^

    1. jilljmarsh Says:

      Hi Princess KA
      I can and I will.
      Next weekend workshop is October, run by ZWW.
      Keep an eye on their page.
      We’ll be having another Writers’ Brunch early June – informal gathering to exchange news and ideas.
      I’ll keep you posted. Hope the writing’s going well and look forward to seeing you again.

      1. Oh yay, I will definitely come! Will the date show up on the website?

  9. Alex iheaka Says:

    Hello JJMarsh,

    I would like to use your services. How might I go about contacting you?

    Thanks in advance,

    Alex Iheaka

    1. jilljmarsh Says:

      Details under copywriter for hire tab.
      Look forward to hearing from you.

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